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Why our customers choose Knit Horizon Limited

Here are the five reasons, why our existing customers as a partner rely on KHL, for there Fashion, Corporate wear and Sportswear demand.

KHL has over 15 years of manufacturing of Garments for Fashion, Sports wear and Work wear industry, KHL have solid foundation, which meet the need of customers.

KHL really take care of customer demand and there wishes on yarn, knitting, fabric selection, whenever dyeing and finishing selection are our selection, which KHL apply on the fabric in after treatment, which give extra ordinary performance strength.

KHL approach of yarn, knitting methods, fabrics, dyeing & printing methods and customer designs brings into the bespoke and high end garments, which have been developed to exacting standards in there end use

KHL have a business model for individual brand, which incorporate an integrated mechanism that simulate change effect during the deign of each project design. (Business Model could ask from our sales department)

KHL development of garments backdoor to yarn, latest technology, machines as well dyes and auxiliaries (A complete sustainable SCM).

R&D at KHL optimize the development methods, where we get new challenges on each product and project everyday.

As per KHL several years experience bring the Company as pioneer in Sports and workwear industry, KHL designed to meet the specific operating criteria needed for individual solution for clients. Bespoke tailoring is our passion.

KHL team has highly skilled Graduates, who guide through every step and better your end product.

KHL satisfy customers with it’s quality philosophy, which is maintain with qualified team, which start from the initial stage of sourcing raw material to knitting and dyeing to finished garment, where KHL team try to keep it s quality promise at each stage

KHL final goal is to satisfy the customer with high quality, which is mostly control under two parameters at each stage KHL i.e. (1) Testing (2) Inspection.

The Company has a global flavor. We have a wide range of products that consists of knit items including T shirt, Polo shirt, Fancy Item, Tank Top, PK Polo Sweat Shirt, Fleece